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EDI MX System
EDI MX Dimmer
The MX System dimmer rack represents a new standard for compact dimming . The freestanding rack is suitable for medium to large installations as well as large architectural dimming systems. The rack controls are sophisticated for complex applications, yet provide easy to use programming and troubleshooting.

The MX System provides the user with the latest in dimming technology, including: off-line programming to via any IBM-compatible PC or the hand-held programmer; backup memories with remote access; LCD status beacons.

The unique 3- phase vertical bus bar allows up to 96 dimmers to be sequentially numbered in the cabinet with no two adjacent dimmers on the same phase. The MX system comes in three sizes of racks: 96, 48, and 24 dimmers. Both SCR and Fluorescent dimmer modules are available.

  • Plug-in Modular System
  • 96 2.4 kW Dimmer Capacity
  • User- Programmable Control Module
  • Real-time Dimmer Feedback Option (DIS)
  • Configurable Panic Input Assignments
  • Custom Rise Times
  • U.L., c-U.L. Listed

EDI MVP 6/12
EDI MVP 6/12 Dimmer
Designed for simplicity, the MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer provides exceptional noise suppression at all levels. The MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer accepts DMX 512 and can be easily setup by setting the start address using the 2 rotary switches. Multiple units can be setup to work on the same starting address if needed. A removable door is featured, giving easy access to components. Optional Saf-T-Cube protects low-voltage DMX data cables and associated console and dimmer bank electronics from any potential contact with high-voltage power. The MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer is made to the same rugged construction and quality standards used throughout EDI product lines.

  • No derating - 100% full duty cycle for all models
  • Overheat and overcurrent protected
  • Convection cooled with thermal sensor
  • Dims standard or low-voltage incandescent, quartz, fluorescent, neon, and cold-cathode sources within the same enclosure.
  • 10,000 AIC rating
  • May operate as a Non-Dim for inductive loads.
  • 120, 240, or 277V Models Available
  • Class II low-voltage low voltage control circuitry in DMX 512 format
  • Assignable panic control


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