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Leprecon LPC-48V Series Consoles Leprecon LPC-48V

  • 1 Scene, 2 Scene Preset, Submaster and Cue Stack operation
  • Over 200 Control Channels
  • 2 Universe Outputs
  • Touchscreen and numeric keypad for programming
  • Record 999 Cues
  • Graphical Cue Timing Display includes: Follow, Wait, Up, and Down times
  • 6 "Quick Look" memories with fade times
  • Ships with power cord, vinyl cover, and 2-12" 4 pin XLR Right angle Littlite gooseneck lamps

Leprecon LP-X Series ConsolesLeprecon LP-X

The Leprecon LP-X Series consoles are designed for controlling moving lights and conventional dimming for concert, corporate, production, theatre and houses of worship. The LP-X series support a touch screen monitor for easy programming and user interface.

The LP-X24 with 512 DMX channels and the LP-X48 with 1024 DMX channels all feature an extensive built-in fixture library, extensive cue lists, CBIF presets with individual fade times for each attribute, effects generator and separate cue stack memories with hold and fade times.

Standard features include VGA, keyboard and mouse interface along with two dimmable Littlite® brand work lamps.

  • Color, Beam, Focus and Intensity presets with individual fade times for each attribute.
  • Fader and keypad access to dimmer channels
  • Cross programming allows users to quickly program both intelligent lights and dimmers in an “on the fly” live performance or theatre environment
  • 20 pages of preset playbacks
  • Run six cue lists (LP-X24) or twelve cue lists (LP-X48) at once that include both moving lights and dimmers
  • Touchscreen ease of use

Leprecon LP-1600 ConsolesLeprecon LP-1600

The Leprecon LP-1600 Series offer the ease of a manual console with the sophistication of a memory console.

  • Available with 24/48, 36/72 or 48/96 faders
  • Will store up to 576 fader presets
  • Cue stack allows up to 288 with point cues with crossfader and “Go Button” with up/down fade times
  • Chase memory includes four programmed and seven programmable patterns of up to 20 steps
  • Proportional patch
  • MIDI input
  • DMX outputs are standard features
  • Options include analog output, built-in disk drive and VGA output
  • Includes Littlite work lamp

Leprecon LP-1500 ConsolesLeprecon LP-1500
  • Two scene preset mode
  • 12 pages of memory
  • Softpatch
  • "Go" button with timed fades
  • Point cues
  • 12 chase effects
  • Analog and DMX-512 output
  • Bump buttons with add and solo modes

Leprecon LP-600 ConsolesLeprecon LP-600

Leprecon’s twelve channel LP-612 or twenty-four channel LP-624 consoles incorporate the same full travel faders and rugged aluminum chassis design that make our touring consoles the most reliable in the industry. With full size fader knobs, quick action bump buttons, and big bright LED’s, these consoles were designed and built for professional use.

  • Two scene preset mode with twelve or twenty-four channels
  • Switchable Add or Solo momentary buttons for each channel
  • Dipless crossfade between manual scenes
  • Presets may be “piled on” in any combination, and are assigned to one of four memory pages
  • Preview mode allows cues to be checked without bringing up the scene on stage
  • An existing cue may be easily edited using the manual scene faders without re-recording the entire cue
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