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ETCElectronic Theatre Controls
The New Unison

ETC Unison ProductsConnect.  Control.  Create.
Like never before.

ETC’s all-new Unison® line is comprised of Paradigm™ and SmartLink® systems – bringing you unequaled control options for any site.

Paradigm is a feature-rich control system that scales to any size venue. The Paradigm family includes powerful software, elegant touchscreens and wall stations, modular control electronics, dimming and control enclosures, and accessories. Combined, these innovative components offer you the most customizable and comprehensive lighting and building control available.

The budget-friendly SmartLink system brings quality plug-and-play lighting control within reach of the smallest-scale application. Its functionality is free in ETC’s SmartSwitch™ or SmartPack®, and is a low-cost option in Unison dimming enclosures.

Connect.   As a pioneer in the development of open standards in networking, ETC believes that all of your lighting system’s components should be interoperable. Unison draws on innovative core technologies for truly 21st century lighting functionality and building control: LinkConnect (freedom to wire control stations however needed), NetConnect (data plus power using Power over Ethernet and no external power supplies), and MeshConnect (wireless connectivity for portable touchscreen controls).

Control. The new Unison products were designed to allow a designer and a technician to collaborate on effective lighting control scenarios, including energy management, day-to-day operations, user interfaces, special events, and special effects. For systems of any size, Paradigm and SmartLink offer the options you need to control your venue.

Create.  Our software makes your lighting system’s configuration and design process faster and easier, with effective pre-programming and simulation capabilities that allow you to visualize and test out changes to the lighting design, as well as access powerful, real-time live control and live editing of your Unison® Paradigm™ Control System.

ETC Paradigm Control Systems

ETC Paradigm FamilyDesigned as a new way of thinking about building control, ETC’s visionary Unison® Paradigm system goes where none has gone before – fully fusing architectural lighting control advances with entertainment-lighting control technology. ETC brings our award-winning expertise in both areas together to give you the best of both worlds.

Paradigm delivers a new level of comprehensive control – sophisticated facility-lighting and building systems integration. And it does so with unprecedented flexibility and simplicity: a green-minded energy-management system that capitalizes on daylight-harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings, combined with a deep library of lighting fixtures (LED’s, moving lights, and more) for dynamic effects, plus the power to speak fluently to different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system.

The Unison Paradigm family of products includes powerful software, elegant touchscreens, wall stations, modular control electronics, dimming and control enclosures, and accessories to offer the most customizable and people-friendly control systems available.

Paradigm addresses the whole space – bringing the beauty of well-controlled light in line with today’s environmental concerns and real-life needs. Restaurants, hotels, casinos, schools and centers of higher learning, museums, houses of worship, office buildings, and conference centers – Paradigm scales to all.

ETC Smartlink Control Systems

ETC Smartlink FamilyArchitectural lighting control for any budget!

SmartLink is a high-quality, low-cost solution for lighting control applications such as restaurants, retail stores, schools, and houses of worship. Any venue can attain quality lighting control using SmartLink.

Recall fundamental lighting looks with just one touch! SmartLink stations are pushbutton devices that allow access to presets and sequences in Unison® systems, SmartPack® dimming panels, and SmartSwitch™ relay panels.

Plug-and-play architectural lighting control! SmartLink is ready to go, out of the box. Low installation cost. No programming or commissioning. No DMX wiring required. No software, computer or external devices necessary.

Smart savings. SmartLink’s system functionality is free in ETC’s SmartSwitch or SmartPack and is a low-cost option in Unison systems. In SmartPack and SmartSwitch, the SmartLink Control gives you access to 32 presets, and a sequence of those presets. For the Unison DRd Dimming Enclosure, you can choose the SmartLink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) and get 64 presets, in combination with the advanced features of Unison Dimming.

Recall fundamental lighting looks with just one touch! When you add SmartLink Station Power Modules and SmartLink stations, you can remotely command those presets and sequences and easily address which presets a station activates.

ETC Emergency Lighting Transfer System - ELTS2ETC ELTS2

An Emergency Lighting Transfer System (ETC’s ELTS2) is designed to switch one or more lighting loads from one power source to another when there is a power failure or other emergency situation present. ETC’s rugged ELTS2 construction and fail-safe circuitry are UL 1008-approved for any North American emergency lighting applications where life safety is an issue.

Flexible power requirements and circuit counts let you design the system you want. The ELTS2 allows selected house lights normally fed by a dimmer to provide Code-compliant, full-on emergency illumination during loss of utility power, fire alarm activation, or manual activation. Unlike systems that simply bypass the dimmer, ELTS2 actually transfers the load (both hot and neutral conductors) from the dimmer output to a separate emergency power source. A local control panel which includes a test keyswitch and LED indicators clearly displays system status.

ELTS2 works with new or existing fire alarm or auxiliary activation systems. Remote key switch stations also give you secure control where you need it.

Ratings and Approvals

  • Full UL and cUL Listing and Approval for emergency transfer
    • ANSI/UL 1008 Transfer Switch Equipment, UL File # E157852
  • Complies with ANSI/NFPA 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems
  • Satisfies requirements of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70):
    • Article 700 – Emergency Systems
    • Article 701 – Legally Required Standby Systems
    • Article 702 – Optional Standby Systems
    • Section 518.3(C)– Assembly Occupancies
    • Section 520.7 – Theatres and Similar Locations
    • Section 540.11(C) – Motion Picture Projection Rooms
  • UL 1008-compliant, electrically operated, mechanically held (maintained) transfer switches prevent inadvertent connection of the normal and emergency sources
  • Single– or Three–phase power: 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V
  • Optional discrete emergency branch circuit feeds from an external circuit breaker panel (by others) or emergency main feed with built-in branch circuit distribution and overcurrent protection
  • Self-contained system for up to 24 circuits at 20 amps
  • Large cabinet supports any number of circuits from 2 to 24 in groups of two
  • Normal Mode—Connects load to dimmer output
  • Emergency Mode--Connects load to emergency branch circuit
  • Continuous monitoring and display of Normal and Emergency power status
  • Automatically transfers selected loads from Normal power to Emergency power
  • Automatically transfers back to Normal power when restored
  • Configurable transfer and delay settings
  • Remote station, fire alarm and auxiliary circuit activation
  • Optional NEMA 4 cabinet for outdoor installation or where unit will be subject to spray from fire suppression systems—complies with NEC Section 700.9 (D) (2) for fire protection of Emergency Feeder-Circuit Equipment
  • Built-in fuses provide 65,000A Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) and insure compliance with NEC Section 700.27 Coordination—larger upstream breakers cannot be tripped by downstream branch circuit faults.

ETC Mosaic Architectural ControlsETC Mosaic

The award-winning solution for the control of entertainment and LED lighting in an architectural setting!

Shopping malls and retail chains, corporate foyers and museums – increasingly, people expect to be entertained in locations that were traditionally the preserve of purely architectural lighting. In many venues it is no longer sufficient to light a space beautifully, lighting is now required to be part of an entertainment experience that must stand out against all the competing presentations to which visitors are exposed.

This bridge between architectural and entertainment lighting, which increasingly utilizes LED and video technology, has created new control needs. Mosaic provides the state-of-the-art control tools -- based on feedback of users worldwide.

ETC Mosaic Designer SoftwareETC Mosaic Software

Mosaic Designer Software runs on either a Windows® XP or Macintosh® OS X personal computer and utilizes an intuitive graphical interface with which to program the presentation for download to Mosaic LPCs. Designer Software is easy to learn and easy to use, and the interface allows you to program a new setting or new show remotely, optimizing your lighting work time.

  • Extensive fixture library including automated lights
  • Import CAD drawings as plan/simulator background
  • Large selection of powerful built-in effects
  • Play media clips onto pixel-mapped fixture arrays
  • Timeline programming with visual color picker
  • Comprehensive show scripting and conditional triggers
  • Simulate show in software (off-site programming)

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