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StageRight Opus II Acoustic ShellStageRight Opus II Acoustic Shell

Bring the elegance of a concert hall to your multipurpose stage..

The Opus II Concert Shell System creates a beautiful acoustical performance space on the multipurpose stage. Choose from over 200 colors and wood grains to create the perfect concert hall appearance, one that is enhanced by our fastener-free surface and minimal joints. The plastic-laminate surface resists scratching and wipes clean for easy maintenance. Our revolutionary construction and patent-pending tower transport make setup fast and safe. Each system stores compactly–most requiring only the space of a grand piano.

Acoustical Reflector Panels: Maximize sound reflection with bowed, structurally laminated stress-skin sandwich panel. Save on maintenance as plastic-laminate panel surface resists scratching and wipes clean. Complement your performance environment with choice of color or wood grain. Surpass typical fire code requirements with Class B rating. Enjoy aesthetically pleasing built-in look of the fastener-free surface.

Tower Hardware: Perform and work safely as one-piece cast iron counterweight provides tamper-proof stability. Save storage space with A-shaped bases that nest compactly. Change over safely as self-locking wing braces hold wings securely in locked position. Choose the location and quantity of access doors as bracketing is standard equipment on all side towers and wings. Protect floors with large, padded adjustable feet that minimize point load.

Smart Mover™ Transport: Move and position towers safely because their weight is evenly distributed. Save time during setup because orbital casters facilitate movement in any direction. Save time as the accurate alignment system correctly locates tower. Save on initial cost as one transport suffices for entire Shell System. Save on maintenance costs as no load is placed on casters during storage, eliminating flat spots on the castors.
StageRight Alla Breve Acoustic ShellStageRight Alla Breve Music Shell

Enhanced sound and easy setup make this shell a top performer.

“Alla breve” means “cut time”, which is exactly what this self-standing, portable music shell does during setup. This easy-to-handle shell can be rolled into any room and quickly set up to enhance sound. In fact, only one person is required to set it up, because panels glide easily into position with a minimal 15-pound lift effort. Durable, laminated panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies to improve the blend and mix of sounds. Performers and audiences alike love the mix and projection of sound enhanced by the Alla Breve Music Shell.

Tower with Canopy: Improve sound for both performers and audience with better blend, mix and projection. Reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Reduce maintenance with tough, impact resistant ABS plastic “skin” on rigid 7/8"-thick panels. Realize maximum durability with strong steel frame.

Counterweighted-pulley Setup: Save setup time as top panels glide into performance position with minimal, 15-pound lift effort. Save labor as only one person (even someone of slight build) is needed to raise or lower the Shell.

Telescoping Height Adjustment: Enjoy improved sound in various rooms at any height from 8'4" to 13'3." Reduce labor effort as Shell, measuring 6' 5" tall in the storage position, will pass through standard doorways.

Twin Casters: Save time as shell rolls easily to and from same-level storage area (if Shell must be lifted, its 256-lb. weight is more easily managed than old-style 375+ lb. shells). Save labor as only one person is needed to roll shell (when in storage position).

Nested Storage: Save space as shells nest compactly in storage (six nested Shells occupy less that 39 square feet).

Durable, Laminated Panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Panels are a “sandwich” laminate 7/8" thick with a 3/4" honeycomb core. Surface is a warm beige plastic.

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